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Care Continuum Alliance

Care Continuum Alliance

International Population Health Management Wiki


This wiki on the state of population health management internationally is a developing project of the International Task Force of the Care Continuum Alliance. Through this wiki, the Care Continuum Alliance seeks to communicate advances in population health management worldwide and to act as a resource for organizations and individuals internationally.


How to Contribute to this Wiki

The Care Continuum Alliance welcomes contributions from the international community to this wiki. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse of information on wellness, prevention, chronic care management and other population health strategies from around the globe. To edit this wiki and contribute new content, request access to this workspace. Go to countries and geographic regions already established or awaiting content contributions:

· Countries

· Regions


About the Care Continuum Alliance

The Care Continuum Alliance aligns all stakeholders in the care continuum toward the goal of improving the health of populations. The care continuum includes wellness and health promotion, prevention, care coordination and patient advocacy, condition management and complex case management. The Care Continuum Alliance promotes the role of these and other strategies in raising care quality, improving health outcomes and reducing preventable health care costs for the well and those with or at risk of chronic conditions. Care Continuum Alliance accomplishes this through advocacy, research and the promotion of best practices.


The Care Continuum Alliance represents more than 200 organizations and individuals, including wellness and prevention providers; population health management organizations; pharmaceutical manufacturers; pharmacies and pharmacy benefits managers; health information technology innovators; biotechnology companies; employers; physicians, nurses and other health care professionals; and researchers and academics. Learn more at www.carecontinuum.org.


Countries | Regions | About Us | Contact the Care Continuum Alliance


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