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Japan - Population Health Management

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Top Causes of Death


  1. Cancer 30%
  2. Heart disease 16%
  3. Cerebrovascular disease 12%


Prevalence of Big Five Chronic Diseases


  • CAD
  • HF
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • COPD


Prevalence of Other Health Risks


  • Relatively high suicide rate (2.8% of deaths)


Population Health Improvement Initiatives


  • Healthy Japan 21: primary disease prevention campaign


Wellness & Health Promotion Programs and Progress


  • National Metabolic Syndrome screening and management program for lifestyle related disease prevention
    • Currently in year 2 of 5 year initial program
    • All payers responsible for cost of implementation
    • Doctors and public health nurses are primary care managers
    • First year data due in Fall 2009
    • All insured and dependents between age 40 and 74; 57.5 million people


Disease-Specific Management Programs & Progress


  • Numerous pilot and small scale programs
  • Some performed by payers; others outsourced to small companies; a few regional integration efforts between local clinics and hospital specialists


General Disease Management Programs & Progress


  • Same as above


Population Health Improvement Programs & Progress


  • See Metabolic Syndrome above


Population Health Improvement Associations


  • Japan Society for Health Support Sciences
  • Disease Management Association of Japan


PHI Leaders and Stakeholders


  • KOLs mainly board member of above two organizations
  • Sompo Japan Research Institute publishes newsletter on DM in Japan: Disease Management Reporter in Japan


National or regional conferences addressing PHI


  • See above two organization Web sites for latest meetings scheduled




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